Hitesh Scale Repairing Works, is in this business since 1991. The Company’s Proprietor and Key Person Mr. R. D. Makwana is having experience in weighing systems from 1980.  We are having sound knowledge about all kind of weighing machines including mechanical and electronics weighing machines.  We are having License from Weight & Measures Department of Gujarat Government.  consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nunc eget neque. Nunc condimentum ipsum et orci. Aenean est. Cras eget diam. Phasellus vitae magna. Sed dictum. Quisque bibendum condimentum wisi. Pellentesque ut ipsum sit amet nisl volutpat eleifend. Aliquam erat volutpat. In eu nulla. Aliquam erat volutpat. Vestibulum et nulla ut quam tincidunt cursus.

sale services of electronics and mechanical type weighting scale electronics and mechanical palaform, counter scale, henking scale, circular scale, spring balance, kitchen scale, doctori scale, personal scale, crane scale, solt scale, wheel scale, banch scale, four load-cell to 10 load-cell scale, hoper weighing scale, pipe weighing scale and any specifical requirement for work. 

Hitesh scale will give the best service after purchase the machine.  Hitesh scale has very wel knowledge for business type weighing scale laboratories, chemicals, analytical , pharmaceutical gold, silver, diamond, gem & jewellary weighing solutsion, truck weighing, pallet weighting, animal weighing solutions, oil filling, milk weighing and other kind of weighin systems requirement solutions.  All company has most of requirement of cast iron hexogen weights and weigh instrument stamping of weights and messurement dept.


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